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I wish I had this podcast when I was 25.



I'm still a hot mess.



Hi! I am Lauryl, I started my spiritual journey during a bout of depression.  I was having a hard time and I was out on a walk with my dog Lady at the time and I was drawn to a garage sale (Let's be honest I am obsessed with estate sales).  It was fairly sparse but there was a box of books, and then I found it The Artist Way, It was if it was calling my name. I took it home and started a practice that I still do to this day. Morning Pages is where I work my shit out.  The Artist Way was also the first book that Cassandra and I read and worked through together.  



I’m Cassandra, Sagittarius/Sagittarius/Scorpio (Sun/Rising/Moon). For many years, I considered myself a secular Buddhist. While those teachings still resonate with me, I’ve recently embraced a different approach to my spirituality. It can probably best be described as a hodgepodge of holistic, mystical, and self-care practices. I’m a big believer that there is magic in ritual and surrounding yourself with beautiful totems that inspire you. I’m really enjoying learning more about crystals, meditation, spells, altar work, essential oils, tarot, and mantras.  I hope this podcast cultivates a community where we can share and grow together along a spiritual path.